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This page is a collection of audio, video, questions and topics that Author Cija Black is prepared to answer quickly, and fluidly.  Below you will find some of the items linked to her recorded audio and video responses to give you an idea of her presence and delivery.

Full Video & Audio Excerpts from Webinars | “Love Bomb” videos
Q & A (mp3’s) | Potential Articles & Blog Topics

Cija Black Audio Interviews play button for audio Cija Black Interview

Full Video & Audio Excerpts from Webinars, Presentations, Speeches and Interviews

Full Video & Excerpts from the “You Can Find Real Love Online!” Webinar
– Presented February 14, 2013

You Can Find Real Love Online – Full Video Presentation (23 minutes)

Sorting Your Relationship Baggage with Dating & Relationship Expert Cija Black – Presented at Dress for Success Portland

Interview with Cija Black on Advocacy for Wellness with Host Ann Kasper

Full Audio Presentation of Restart Your Love Life with a Heart Makeover presented by Cija Black the author of MODERN LOVE. Presented as part of a paid Body Positive Dating Master Class – February 2013.

Restart Your Love Life With a Heart Makeover – YouTube Presentation (52 minutes)

Full Video & Audio Excerpts from Webinars | “Love Bomb” videos 
Q & A (mp3’s) | Potential Articles & Blog Post Topics

Love Bomb Videos on YouTube:

Full Video & Audio Excerpts from Webinars | “Love Bomb” videos 
Q & A (mp3’s) | Potential Articles & Blog Post Topics

The following questions answered by Cija Black that are linked to downloadable mp3’s

Other Suggested Questions

  • What is your story? How did you learn about online & internet dating?
  • What is the first step someone should take when re-entering dating?
  • What do you mean when you talk about relationship baggage?
  • What if someone isn’t interested in dating online? Would your book be helpful to them?
  • Is online dating safe?
  • Is online dating a tool for everyone to find love?
  • What is the MODERN LOVE Manifesto about?
  • Your book talks about romantic fairy tales, what is wrong with looking for Prince Charming?
  • Should all single people be out dating?
  • What do you mean ‘relationship expectations’ ?
  • Your title says ‘grownups’, wouldn’t young adults understand this book?
  • What do you mean by ‘layers of online communication’? Why is that important?
  • What are Deal Breakers? What are some of your Deal Breakers?
  • Are you single?
  • Where did you meet your boyfriend?
  • What dating sites have you used? Do you have a favorite?
  • How many first dates have you been on?
  • How did you become interested in the topic?
  • What did you hope to accomplish by publishing your book?
  • What message do you want your readers to walk away with when they finish the book?
  • What kind of research did you do for your book?
  • What was the hardest part of writing MODERN LOVE?
  • Do you think there will be a MODERN LOVE 2?
Full Video & Audio Excerpts from Webinars | “Love Bomb” videos 
Q & A (mp3’s) | Potential Articles & Blog Post Topics

Potential Articles & Blog Posts

  • Finding Your Way Back to Your Love Path
  • Get Your Love Life Back on Track
  • Unpack Your Relationship Baggage
  • Stop Waiting for Prince/Princess Charming and Be Your Own Cupid
  • How to Do Online Dating the Right Way
  • From personals ads to the Internet, author Cija Black will tell you how to navigate the choppy waters of modern dating in her new book.
  • Are Relationship Ghosts Haunting You?
  • How Ready are You to Date?
  • Are You Driving Your Love Life or Is It Driving You?
  • Love is Possible at Any Age
  • Are Your Dating Skills Trapped in the 1980’s?
  • Have You Settled?
  • Healing Your Heart Scars
  • Does Valentine’s Day make you nervous?
  • Do You Know Your Love & Relationship Expectations?
  • Don’t Wait for the Planets to Align Before You Can Date?
  • You Have the Key to Free Your Heart
  • Why Online Dating Hasn’t Worked for You….Yet
  • Be Your Own Cupid!
  • What Part Have You Played in the Demise of Your Love Life?
  • This Just In: Good Relationships Take Work!
Full Video & Audio Excerpts from Webinars | “Love Bomb” videos 
Q & A (mp3’s) | Potential Articles & Blog Post Topics

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