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Cija, (pronounced Kee-yah) Black has been a writer, speaker, webinar coach, dating and relationship expert, photographer, and is currently the Chief Executive Officer & Lead Trouble Sniper of Cija Black Consulting, a company dedicated to helping people give a facelift to their website and a boost their their business.

After years using personal ads in newspapers and online dating sites, she found herself peppered with questions from her friends & family about internet dating.  Among the frequent questions were: “Aren’t you scared?”, “How do you write a profile, what do you say?”, “Isn’t that only for people in their 20′s?”

Black Author of Modern LoveFinally she decided to write her experience of love and online dating in Modern Love: The Grownup’s Guide to Relationships & Online Dating. The book contains a system for sorting your relationship baggage and creating a safe healthy path towards adventure, fun and fulfilling love.

Cija Black grew up in California (from San Diego to San Francisco) and now lives in Oregon. She attended UC Santa Cruz, and received her Bachelors degree in Conceptual Design from San Francisco State University (fancy degree for website design). She is in a happy communication filled relationship with her husband Dave, writer, filmmaker and office admin extraordinaire whom she met through OkCupid an online dating site.

She created the blog Modern Love Guide, where she has written articles and posted podcasts about healthy relationships, voluntary simplicity, body image, divorce, turning 40, early retirement, battles with the internal critic, gratitude and following your dreams. She also dabbles in photography and vegetable gardening.

Her namesake is the heroine of a 1970’s pulp fantasy series who was raised to think she was a goddess and eventually becomes the Empress, quite a bit to live up to, but Cija does her best.

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