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MODERN LOVE  Author Cija Black

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We appreciate your interest and consideration for a story, feature, book review, or slice of life story.  Please contact if you have any questions at 

About the Book

Be your own Cupid!

MODERN LOVE is a dating and relationship book divided into three distinct sections.  They are designed to work together to help the modern dater create a path to love.  The reader is asked to go through and clean up their relationship baggage, venture into online dating to create a compelling profile and simply use it as a research tool with the ultimate goal of going out on dates and finding lasting healthy love:

MODERN LOVE by Cija Black

SECTION I – Relationship Archeology
SECTION I helps readers determine if they are ready to date or if a bit more healing is needed. The book helps them dig through their relationship past so they can identify and keep what worked, toss what didn’t and fine tune what they are looking for. By the end of Section I, the reader will have a much clearer picture of their dating readiness, relationship baggage, deal-breakers, boundaries, bad relationship habits, and dating goals.

SECTION II: Getting Your Profile Online
Section II dives into the sometimes daunting world of online dating by providing some history, myths and pros & cons. Readers get into the mechanics of online dating, with everything they will need to know to set up their profile, search for good matches, weed out the dating riff-raff, and how to effectively and safely communicate online once they find prospects that fit the new grownup relationship standards they developed in Section I. MODERN LOVE presents a uniquely realistic and accessible approach to online dating:

“Online dating is not going to deliver your soul-mate into your inbox.  Too many people think that online dating is like for love, it just isn’t. It is a tool, just like the many others people have used to find a good partner.”

Readers are encouraged to go through the steps of gathering materials for a ‘dating profile’, even if they decide not to use online dating, because doing the exercises of collecting profile information and pictures, as well as doing research online anonymously is going to help them solidify who they are and what they are really looking for.

“You have been on dates before, but quite a bit has changed, and so have you.”

SECTION III: Going on Dates and More
In SECTION III MODERN LOVE covers the finer points of going out on dates today, what to talk about on a first date, verbal and non verbal cues to be aware of and how to determine if there will be a second date. There is also a helpful section on breaking things off if it’s not working out. This section ends with basic pointers about setting the foundation for and building a new loving, healthy relationship, and how to keep it that way.

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