Give Yourself Some Love This Year!

2013 was full of so many changes and adventures. I launched a book, grew my professional connections exponentially and finished the year off by buying a house and eloping to Vegas all in the same week.  To kick off 2014 right a we have some awesome announcements here at Modern Love Guide that are designed to help you solidify the love you already have or help you find the love your seeking.

Launch of the Love Bombs Podcast with Cija & Dave!

The first intro show is up you can listen below and the next episode titled My Crap, Your Crap will be posted Sunday February 2, 2014.  The show is hosted by Cija Black and my husband Dave.  Together we will be talking about our own relationship. From the crunchy moments to the most successful ones and share some tips and ideas to help you find and keep the right kind of relationship in your life.  Please emails us with questions or ideas about the show at

Get Inspired with some fun reminders on Zazzle 

Sometimes you just need that kick in the butt to remind you what is important.  To that end I have designed some mugs, pillows, shirts and other fun items to keep you positive and open to life’s possibilities.  They make a great gift for yourself or someone you know that needs boost.  Hey Valentine’s day is coming up…. (hint, hint)

You can visit the zazzle store here or click the zazzle store images below!

Get Schooled!  Buy the book and class!

BUY MODERN LOVE on AMAZONAnd going back to where this all started buy my book Modern Love: The Grownup’s Guide to Relationships & Online Dating  for sale on Amazon.  This book is dense and it’s FULL of real-world tools to get your head and heart straight, it isn’t a quick patch for your ills, and it is worth the work to change your love-life! Some of the ideas take some time to sink in but are still well worth the read.

New udemy banner 250

If you want to dig even deeper into your love baggage,  check out my class on Udemy: Sorting Your Love Baggage.  It’s a self paced online course in which I walk you through step by step how to rid yourself of your past.   We all have baggage, it just really comes down to what we do with it.


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