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Periodically I do share my website with guest bloggers.  I limit that to people passionate about helping others have healthy relationships.  I do not share space with people who are merely interested in having a place to post their link.  If you are truly passionate about helping others navigate positive relationship models please email me and include a link to some sample work.  Requests without samples will be deleted.

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  • I am inundated with people who want to "increase my website traffic" I will save you the trouble of finishing this form. I am not interested. Please stop pestering me.
  • Let just get this out there, I don't share space with people looking to cross link porn sites and totally unrelated products! Turn back now, this is not the site you're looking for and your request will be deleted. For the rest of you thank you for your interest in guest blogging. I reserve limited guest blogging spots for people genuinely interested in helping others create healthy loving relationships. I don't give space to guest bloggers who's sole purpose is to create backlinks for their clients. I care about helping people create healthy relationships and you should too. 🙂 INCLUDE SAMPLES OF YOUR WORK! Requests without an example of work be deleted.
  • If you are requesting that I link to your site odds are it won't happen. I don't promote dating sites or add links to my site by request. If you think it is a product or website I might be interested in select the guest blogger option above and suggest an article.


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