Tired of making the same relationships mistakes
over and over?

BUY MODERN LOVE on AMAZONTake charge of your love life and attract the quality partner you’re looking for. Cija Black is THE love expert  to help you dump that baggage that have been dragging around with you and invite love in.

MODERN LOVE is the book for anyone unsure of where to start in the modern dating world. This book will help you understand the assumptions and expectation that you have about relationships and reshape them into a realistic set of goals and healthy boundaries that will help you find the love you want and deserve. It’s packed full of tips, advice and insights designed to help you create a clear path to love.


Finding and creating a meaningful relationship in today’s modern (and shifting) world is confusing to most people I know. It seems like modern-day dating is getting harder, not easier. This book is an excellent guide to discovering our perfect relationship model, crafted by the “real” us.  This book is wonderful! Insightful, real and practical.

Susan Winter is a NYC based relationship expert on Oprah and all major outlets. You can see her bio at:

Modern Love helps readers define what they want and need in a partner to thrive in a relationship. For those readers who use on-line dating, she offers practical information. She advises her audience to proceed with caution and to pay attention to red flags when dating. I highly recommend Modern Love to anyone entering the dating arena and looking for a guide to help them navigate the tricky waters of dating without losing their integrity and the dream of finding lasting, passionate love.

Terry Gaspard MSW, LICSW, is a licensed therapist, college instructor, and non-fiction writer, specializing in divorce, women’s issues, children, and families. She is also the co-founder of


MODERN LOVE will empower you to take charge of your love life!

MODERN LOVE will help you get clear about what you want and how to invite quality partners into your life.

I want to empower you take control of your love life and make choices based on what your heart wants. Not what your family wants, society tells you, you should want or what you have been fed via romantic comedies and sappy love songs. MODERN LOVE will give you basic tools you need to be in command of your heart and who you invite in.

I fell in and out of love

I used personals ads and online dating on and off for 20 years to find love and have learned so much. I want you to benefit from my journey, I can show you shortcuts to self discovery and growth. I fell in and out of love, and with each relationship got closer to who I am and what I want. Today I engaged to a loving man who is my study partner and best friend and (yep I met him online). I want that kind of love for you.

It’s never too late to take up that bow and arrow and be your own Cupid!


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To really help you toss out that old love baggage, check out the online Udemy class based on Modern Love: Sorting Your Love Baggage.  It is self-paced and includes an pdf of the book!


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